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Day of Prayer 2017

Ideas for Activities

Below you can find a list of ideas of prayer events and activities you could do in your Church or Circuit. The list is in no way exhaustive and we would love to hear any ideas you have, please email us.

More resources and ideas will be added over time, watch this space!

Meditation - A Prayer Journey

A guided meditation using Psalm 23 to explore Christ with us on our journey through life.

Download Meditation - A Prayer Journey (PDF 2.32Mb)

Prayer Walk

The idea of a prayer walk is to walk around your village, town, community, Circuit or wherever you are, and to pray for the community. As you walk, take in your surroundings and pray for what you see, hear and experience.

Download Prayer Walk (PDF 1.92Mb)

Prayer Labyrinth

A Prayer Labyrinth is guided prayer activity, where individuals follow a path to a central prayer focus. It can be made as a prayful activity, and left set up for all long as you want.

Download Prayer Labyrinth (PDF 3.49Mb)

Prayer Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Join together in fellowship over a meal, and then pray together. You could have a bring and share supper, or a picnic in the park.

Community Prayers

If you church is used by community groups, put up a prayer net or prayer tree, with slips of paper so that anyone can add their prayers. These can then be collected and used at other events or in your worship. 

Download ideas for Praying for the Community (PDF 1.88Mb)


The Lectionary for Sunday 15th October is Psalm 23, which also happens to be the theme for our Day of Prayer. Rev'd Ros Watson has put together an Order of Service, with suggested hymns, prayers and sermon notes. A powerpoint will be available soon. Clare Stainsby has also made a number of her hymns available for use, with words and sheet music.

Download Order of Service (PDF 2.23Mb)

Download Songs (PDF 6.03)

Download Prayer of Intercession (PDF 2.06Mb)


Notes of Spiritual Fasting (From the Methodist Church in Britain)

Eunice Attwood looks at Jesus' words about fasting from the Sermon on the Mount (From the Methodist Church in Britain)

Advice on Fasting and Eating Disorders (From Premier Life)


Below you will find the 'Our Cup Overflows' logo, leaflet and other images. These could be use on posters to promote your events. Remember to let us know what you are planning!

Download 'Our Cup Overflows' Leaflet (Jpeg 156Kb)

Download 'Our Cup Overflows' Logo' (Jpeg 116Kb)

Download 'Fast and Feast Prayer' Video (MP4 11.64Mb)

Resources from Other Organisations

Spirituality Menu - North West and Mann Disciple and Ministries Learning Network (PDF 2.8Mb

Methodist Church in Britain Day Of Prayer Resources

24 - 7 Prayer International

Thy Kingdom Come