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District Prayer Handbook

Day 3Salford Circuit

Over the past 12 months Salford Circuit continues to and has been blessed to have the opportunity to serve God in the way that we do. We always keeping at the forefront of our minds that we do this in order to build God’s Kingdom and not to bring glory to ourselves. We have acknowledged the changing dynamics of the church as a whole.

We give praise for the human resources that God has given to us, this includes every generation that worship God in the buildings we meet in and the areas of the community that we have been able to and continue to strive to reach in to. Yes, some of our congregations are smaller and some of our churches have maintained if not increased in numbers. We would like to think that we focus on a church that is God’s church and not ours.

We are looking forward to the next 12 months and the possibilities it holds for us.

Salford Methodist Circuit

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