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Creating Safe SpaceCreating Safe Space

Foundation Module

The Foundation Module training is now in its 5th year, which means that the training which came out before it , Module A is now over 5 years old. The Methodist Conference has agreed that 5 years after having attended the training one must attend a refresher.

Therefore there are people in our churches who attended Module A and they now need to be asked to attend Foundation Module as it includes vulnerable adults and is what the Leadership Module develops from.

People who attended Module A need to attend Foundation Module this Connexional year as their update.

For those people who attended Foundation Module 5 years ago they are to be invited to a Foundation Module refresher session from September 2016.

Foundation Module itself is being revised in the light of the Past Cases Review.

People who attended Foundation Module 5 years ago need to attend a Refresher Foundation Module session from September 2016.

Essential update training for existing Foundation Module trainers -

This all means that Foundation Module trainers need to be resourced to lead this revised session, which will become the norm for anyone who has not ever done the Foundation Module before. It also means that the trainers need to be resourced to lead the refresher sessions for those who attended the training in the past and now need to apply what is new since the Past Cases Review.

The following date is to train existing Foundation Module trainers in the Revised and the Refresher materials:

Manchester & Stockport District 6th June 7pm start ending 9:30pm. Venue – watch this space

Training new Foundation Module Trainers

It may be that due to these changes some Foundation Module trainers might take this opportunity to step down. Therefore we are running an additional 2 day long Training the Trainers sessions which will incorporate all the new material. This training day is essential for all new to Foundation Module training and anyone who wishes to attend needs a reference from their Superintendent. If any existing trainers want to use it as a reminder day for them they are more than welcome too.

Thursday 26th May 10-4pm Preston area

Saturday 25th June 10-4pm Warrington area

Leadership Module

  • Lunch is provided.
  • It might help you if you bring with you your handouts from Foundation Module and your copy of the Methodist Church Safeguarding Policy.

Saturday 30th April Methodist Central Hall, Manchester

Bookings by 15th April via Safeguarding Manchester

District Safeguarding Groups

Your District has a Safeguarding Officer and also a small group who have responsibility for safeguarding in your District. These groups hold various responsibilities including all the areas of the Connexional policy, and also incidents, training and awareness raising.

The Connexional team’s Discipleship & Ministries Learning Network take responsibility in this region to train Foundation Module trainers and to deliver the Leadership Module, as well as attending the District Safeguarding groups.

Connexional policies and the Past Cases Review

If you are not sure what the Methodist policy is for your church. Circuit or District please visit the model safeguarding polices section of the website This is where you will find all of the policy which includes;

Children and young people, adults when they are vulnerable, domestic abuse, safer recruitment.

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