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Nominations For Representatives to Methodist Conference 2021

From the synod secretary

As usual, we will be electing the representatives, from the district, to next year’s Methodist Conference, at our September synod. However, as the synod will be a virtual synod, we need to arrange the elections in a different way. In order to do that, we need to have the nominations for the election in by the end of July. The forms are attached, one for ministerial representatives and one for lay representatives. Please use the appropriate form. Please pass the forms on to anybody you think might be interested.

Points to note

  • We will be electing 4 ministers, one of whom must be a deacon, and 4 lay people.
  • We would like to elect one person (minister or lay) to serve for the next 3 conferences (for continuity). Please indicate on the form if you are willing to do this.
  • A lay person does not need to be a member of synod to be nominated. They must be a member of a Methodist Church in the district.
  • There is now a scheme whereby Conference will contribute towards loss of earnings if a lay person would need to take unpaid leave to attend Conference
  • Normally, the nomination form needs to be signed by two members of synod. However, as that might be difficult to achieve this year, the names of those 2 people will be sufficient although they might be contacted to check that they have nominated the named person.
  • Any synod member can only nominate 1 minister and 1 lay person.

If you have any questions about this, please contact me

Thank you

Dave James
Synod Secretary
Representative Session

Doc Nomination form - Minister (Word Document)

Doc Nomination form - Lay (Word Document)