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Retired Chief Constable Found in African Village!

What does a Chief Constable do when he leaves policing after 34 years service. Well Sir Peter Fahy former Chief Constable of Greater Manchester took up a new vocation as Chief Executive of the street children charity Retrak which has its UK office in Station Road, Cheadle Hulme. Retrak is a Christian organisation working in Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia and Brazil. It works in the slums of cities to rescue children living on the street providing shelter, food and medical care but with the prime aim of getting street children back to their families or to foster parents. The challenge is immense. In Addis Ababa for instance there are over 11,000 children sleeping on the street losing out on their childhood and often subject to physical and sexual abuse. Retrak firmly believes that every child is unique and has tremendous God given potential. Street children are incredibly resourceful in their battle to survive and often do really well in school when they get the chance through Retrak, to resume their education

The journey to the street starts in the African village when often family breakdown or poor parenting causes the child to seek a better life in the big city. Sir Peter recently found himself sitting amongst twenty African women in a village house made of dried mud on the Ethiopian plain. Retrak sets up self-help groups where women can bind together to create a savings club, set up small businesses and by so doing strengthen their families. In that same village Retrak has also set up a child welfare club in the school where teachers and elder pupils spread the anti-trafficking messages and help children to value their education and resist the temptation of migration. Retrak also works with girls who are often sent to the city as domestic servants but end up on the street because of abuse and sadly often become child sex workers. 

Sir Peter got involved with Retrak when he set up a charity project within Greater Manchester Police. Every year teams of officers travel to Africa in their own time to provide activities for street children but also to train local police officers and social workers. Retrak is also proud of its close association with Manchester East Scout County and Cheadle Hulme High School.

Sir Peter is happy to speak to any local church group about his experiences and the work of Retrak.

It costs about £350 to rescue a street child and get them back into a family setting with on-going support. If. you would like to learn more please contact Retrak on 0161 485 6685.


Sir Peter Fahy Chief Executive Officer - Retrak
"No child forced to live on the street"

Mobile +44 (0)7785 298422
Office +44 (0)161485 6685


Sir Peter Fahy will be presenting the work of Retrak at the Spring Synod on 23 April.