Many of us in the Peak Park consider ourselves blessed to live and serve in such a beautiful location, however, we are aware that the beauty of the location can mask the concerns of daily life.

The availability of rented homes is limited and house purchase prices are at a premium, forcing families to move away and split from wider support systems. The increase of second homes and holiday homes brings a reduction in the resident population and with that comes the reduction of local services, facilities and employment opportunities.

Hidden poverty is an issue and the mental well-being of many is at a low with some serious concerns for those living in isolated environments.

The small chapels which have traditionally met some community needs are no longer sustainable.

We pray that we are renewed in Christ. That we find relevant ways of sharing the gospel story and of responding to the local needs in the life of our communities.

Pray for all village and small communities that as we walk our ‘Emmaus road,’ (Luke 24:13-35) eyes, hearts and minds will be open to new ways of experiencing God in life, worship and actions and that the Gospel story will continue to be told and celebrated within rurality.

Please give thanks for the small church projects within Manchester and Stockport District that are exploring new ways to keep sharing the gospel.

Open our hearts Lord, that we may step out of our comfort zone, risk our reputations and welcome change, in order to reveal the truth, shout for justice and become the Church you are calling us to be.