We pray for supernumeraries and their families in the life of the District. We give thanks for their continuing ministry in a variety of different forms. We give thanks for support offered and received. We pray for any who are facing difficult situations, ill health or others uncertainty or loss.

We pray that in these days there will be time and space to nurture interests, look to new horizons adapt to life’s changing rhythm. May each know love, support and value. Amen.

Pamela M Butler
Ian Golding
Geoffrey H E Barnard
David Clowes
Margaret M Hall
Irene Jolly (D)
J Alan Mimmack
Charles J Nevin
Robert A Richards
Brenda Stretton
Robert J Davies
David G Hamflett
George Hardman
Eileen Hirst (D)
Lynda Hughes
Michael J Hughes
Paul A Stringer
David G Vale
Diana J Veitch
Roger L Walton
Keith Bamford
Peter M Brant
David A Harrison
June E Mallabon
Michael E W Thompson
Frank E Bishop
Sheila M Bishop
B John Ingyon
Amanda Boon
Christopher J Cheeseman
John L Forster
Peter D Gomm
Ian W Mutton
Sheila Parnell (D)
Henry D Rack
Kim I Ratcliffe
Susan Rowe
Peter J Went
Susan Williams
Robert Davies
R Edward Gordon
Lindsay Neal
J Neville Whitehead
Thomas M Witham
Ian Kemp
Ian L Coverdale
Ian P Hamilton
W Andrew J Palmer
G Michael Sparrow