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Connexional Policy, Procedure & Guidance

connexional policy

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility

If you are part of a Methodist Church or attending an activity at a church location, you can do your part to support safeguarding:

  • Find out the name of the person responsible for safeguarding and how you can contact them
  • Provide feedback to a safeguarding officer (at church, Circuit, District or Connexional Team if you think that safeguarding practice could be improved
  • Check that a local safeguarding policy is prominently displayed and inform the safeguarding officer if it is not easily visible
  • Take time to read the local safeguarding policy to understand how it applies to you
  • If safeguarding trainingis offered, make it a priority as part of your commitment to keeping others and yourself safe in the church
  • Report any safeguarding concerns you may have to a minister or safeguarding officer as soon as possible

For further information see the documents below:-

Themes from the Past Cases Review:-
10 themes from the PCR (pdf)

Model Church Safeguarding Policy:-
Connexional Model Church Safeguarding Policy 2020-21 (docx)
Connexional Model Church Safeguarding Policy 2020-21 (pdf)

Model Circuit Safeguarding Policy:-
Connexional Model Circuit Safeguarding Policy 2020-21 (docx)
Connexional Model Circuit Safeguarding Policy 2020-21 (pdf)

Useful links for Survivors, Past Cases Review, Safeguarding Policies and Safer Recruitment:-
Connexional Safeguarding Information (docx)

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