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3Generate Manifestos


We’re very excited to be launching the 3Generate manifestos!

As you will see there are three manifestos for the three age groups represented at 3Generate;
8-11, 11-18 and 18-23. Each of these was produced following discussions, facilitated in a variety
of ways, and are what the children and young people said they wanted to focus on for the year.
These manifestos are for all children and young people in the Methodist Church, not just those
in attendance at 3Generate 2015.

You may choose to use the manifestos in a variety of different ways, but the hope is that they will
be a useful tool for your whole Church as well as for the work with children and young people.
Over the coming months please visit our webpage
before-and-after-3generate/3generate-manifestos, where we will be adding ideas about how to
use the manifestos and resources to support that work.

We would encourage you to display the manifestos in your church, raising the profile of the
concerns and interests of children and young people in the Methodist Church. You will be able
to download further copies from our website (see above).

We would love to hear from you about how the issues and topics raised in the manifestos
have shaped the work with children and young people in your local setting. Please share your
ideas and stories with us at Or if you have a video
you have made, we can upload them (with the proper permissions in place) to the 3Generate
YouTube channel: .

You may also want to hold your own mini-3Generate event, a Big Sleepover, where you can
discuss some of the issues raised in the manifesto and make plans for action! The Big Sleepover
resource will be available at the end of February 2016.

Best wishes,
Craig Gaffney (Methodist Youth President)
and the Church and Community Team

Get the Manifestos as a PDF file.