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Transforming Work

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If you are passionate about a post-Covid world of work that is shaped by kingdom values, you are warmly invited to a Zoom workshop on

'Transforming Work'

Saturday 5 June, 2021, 9.30-3.30

Organised by the Kingdom at Work Project in association with St. Peter's Saltley Trust.

The purpose of the Kingdom at Work Project is to develop a new approach to transforming the world of work through a process of discernment and intervention, informed and empowered by a communal theology of the kingdom.

The aim of the workshop is to enable participants

  • to learn about the project and explore its core theology and methodology,
  • to share their own insights and experience of engagement with the world of work,
  • to consider becoming involved in developing the project's ideas and practice.

The day will be facilitated by Dr David Clark, Kingdom at Work Project Coordinator, and members of the Kingdom at Work Project Steering Group.

A second day zoom workshop will be held on Saturday, 3 July, 2021 for those wishing to

  • learn more about the purpose and scope of the project
  • explore how to pilot the methodology of the project in their own work situation
  • contribute to the project's digital development
  • become part of a team introducing the project to church and secular agencies.

To book a place for 5 June, please contact Lynne Hayes-James ( 0121 427 6800.

More about the Kingdom at Work Project:

  • The project was founded in 2014, following the publication of David Clark's book The Kingdom at Work Project: a communal approach to mission in the workplace. Since its launch, the project has:
  • Run consultations in 2014, 2018 and 2019 bringing together representatives of Christian associations active in relating faith to the world of work to share their insights and experience.

Produced bulletins on a wide range of faith and work issues with contributions from members of associations such as MODEM, CHRISM, Quakers and Business, the Industrial Mission Association, ICF, LICC, Together for the Common Good, the St Paul's Institute and Faith in Business.

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