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CORE - Modern Monasticism Hits Manchester?


A contemporary monastic and reflective group have emerged and flowered in the heart of Longsight. CORE is a group of people who are expressing their faith in different and unusual ways. We are called Core because we want to work with the important things in life. The things that really mean something and really matter. We begin all our gatherings with the words below.

CORE, Heart, Centre, Vital, Fundamental, Nucleus, Middle, Hub, Crux, Focus, Essence, Interior, Basis, Mainstay, Substance. CORE.

At the heart of Core is the desire to grow spiritually, to help others to grow and to serve. We will serve our own community, the communities where we meet and any community that feels we can help.

CORE: A fresh experience of spirituality and a radical, different and enterprising way of being Christian.

We hope to be a community that chooses to express and reflect on faith via our individual and group creativity, liberty and spirituality.

Our aim is to share and live faith together, while wrestling with all the challenges and beauties of modern culture. This we feel helps us live life to the full.

As part of being community we gather on the 1st Sunday of the Month, 8pm at Whithington Methodist Church. We also run projects and meet with other groups who have a similar ethos.

If you think you could share in the adventure of exploring your spiritual side then why not walk with others on a similar journey.


What is Core all about? What do they do?

We share our lives, struggle together, walk together, build each other up and work for other people. We run "The Northmoor Film Nights" a gift for our local community and this year we will be taking our ideas of how to live out the Christian life to other groups. Starting in February we will be in Droylsden.

Are Core a group of people?

Yes, Core is a dynamic and cutting edge group of people who wish to live their faith and spirituality in ways that show real love. Core is made up of people who are committed as followers of Christ or are seeking clarity about what this means.

What do we do?

We want to build people up and encourage them to live life as fully as possible. We do this by encouraging people and sharing in their lives.

What are our values?

We are a Christian Community and see biblical scripture as a major source of light for our journey. As we travel in our lives we seek to discover both ourselves and our faith in unity and growth.

We are welcoming and aim to reflect diversity in our ways of seeing God or as some would say "differing theologies". We do not judge others, we accept others, and we are open to others and their stories. However, our journey is rooted in the story of God's meeting with humanity through Christ.

We are essentially a contemplative group who wish to grow in faith and service. All our work is focused on serving and blessing others. We wish to show the love of Christ through all we do and in all we do.

What are the Core sessions like?

If you are looking for a five hymn, prayer sandwich you will not find it at Core. Our sessions are very multi-media and linked to modern culture. We use lots of film, music and hands on stuff so expect to be challenged.

Contact: CORE