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23 NovemberConsultation on the Ministerial Covenant

The 2017 Methodist Conference received a report on a proposed Ministerial Code of Conduct. Following consultation, it has been redrawn as a Ministerial Covenant with questions for reflection against which ministers can examine themselves with the help of a supervisor or mentor, and questions for those working with ministers. The Methodist Conference 2020 commended it to the Connexion for study and response, asking for a further report in 2022.

You are invited to a consultation to be held by Zoom
on either of the following occasions:

Monday 23rd November 2020 19:30-21:00

Friday 4th December 2020 09:30-11:00

The consultations will provide opportunity to study the Ministerial Covenant
and contribute towards writing a response
to be agreed at Synod in Spring 2021.

We hope we will have a diverse group of people able to talk about this,
including particularly both lay and ordained people.

Ministers thinking of coming are invited to ask a lay person to join them.

To book in please email the District Administrator

A zoom link will be sent out to you a day or so prior to the meeting.

Click the book symbol below to go to the Ministerial Covenant report