We encourage you to join us in praying for Rev. Katie Smith and Rev. Ken McNally, as they prepare for their ordinations on 26th June 2022. We give thanks for their ministries, and pray for continued strength and trust in God as they take their next steps.

Rev. Katie has shared a short testimony below as she prepares for her ordination.

“Martin Luther King Jr said many inspirational things – one of my favourite quotes of his is that “faith is taking the first step even when you can’t see the whole staircase.” While this resonates, as I’ve reflected in preparing for this service, I wonder if it might be better rephrased as “God has led me one step at a time because if I’d have seen the whole staircase, I would have run a mile.”

I’ve also reflected on the way that God’s timing has never quite coincided with what I would have thought was ideal but has always turned out to be just right.

It is hard to define the first step or even the one that changed the direction enough to get to here.

Perhaps it was agreeing to share the role of circuit treasurer with my husband Jason, and ending up receiving the files 10 months later, just a few days after our younger daughter had arrived.

Maybe it was becoming a steward at Bramhall Methodist Church. The invitation arrived as Jason went off on a trip that would put him out of contact for 3 weeks. I stalled on that basis, fully intending to say no, only to find that God spoke in that interval, and I ended up saying yes.

Maybe it was saying yes to preaching despite saying no more than once, or attending the vocation exploration days the learning network provided.

Of course, my journey started way before all of this. I was nurtured at Knutsford Methodist Church in a great youth group with devoted leaders, and saw the example of faith lived out in my parents lives. During a youth mission week I wore a t-shirt saying “living it up” – the message that the Christian faith is about life in all its fullness has stayed with me from then.

I don’t think I would have chosen to come into ministry mid-pandemic, but I have been richly blessed through colleagues and church members and know that God has been faithful through each step of the way.

Prayer requests

As I prepare for ordination, I am aware that I have come into ministry at a time of uncertainty for the church and I think I’ve learned by now not to see ordination as the last step on this staircase, just the next one. As I continue on this journey, please pray that I will continue to trust God and take the next steps, whatever they may be.

Please also pray for my two daughters, Poppy and Abi who are in exam season and for space and time as a family when that is over.”