Photo shows Rev. Dave Warnock and Clare Byfield with CAP PR Representatives.

CAP Debt Centre Wythenshawe, led by Clare Byfield in her role as Debt Centre Manager, is dedicated to providing vital assistance to individuals struggling with debt. The primary mission of the centre is to guide people towards a debt-free future, all at no cost to the clients.


At CAP Debt Centre Wythenshawe, the approach is personal and compassionate. The centre initiates a three-step process, all of which takes place at the client’s home. The process begins with an introduction and staff meeting, followed by a thorough paperwork visit to gather financial data. The third step involves a budget visit, providing tailored solutions and strategies to help individuals break free from the shackles of debt.


“Debt can happen to anyone at anytime. It’s not just people who don’t work, we have clients in well paid jobs who are struggling because rent, energy and food have risen who are now fighting debt. It is not embarrassing or shameful but it is our job as God’s people to love one another as He himself loves us. We are here to destroy that negativity and give people their lives back, free from debt” stated Clare Byfield, Debt Centre Manager.

Pictured is Clare Byfield with Regional CAP Manager Sarah Hayes.

In addition to practical support, the team always offer to pray and they put on events at local churches for clients, some of whom have even become church members.


Collaborating with local churches, the centre goes beyond financial support by supporting clients with food and energy bills.


CAP also offers an online benefit calculator that enables individuals to explore the benefits they are entitled to. This invaluable tool helps people uncover financial resources that can potentially alleviate their financial burdens.


Clare is also an active member of the speaker team, engaging with churches and sharing insights about the important work being carried out by CAP.


For more information and to access the benefit calculator, please visit: