A prayer for Chaplains

Caring for those beyond the walls of church

Holding sacred space in the strangest of places: lift, field, towpath, café, corridor

Alongside those who might never go near church, yet know their need of God

Praying with some who surprise themselves in asking

Listening. Always listening. Then listening some more.

Asking awkward questions: Who? Why? Would you? Could you?

Interested: you could say nosy!

Never judging, but seeking the divine in us all

Sharing: troubles, joys, hopes, fears, questions and cake

Gracious God, we pray for chaplains, in all their rich variety, making your presence visible, your word heard and your love known. Amen


A prayer for Greater Manchester Community Chaplaincy

Being a Chaplain for ex-offenders comes with some victorious highs and some devastating lows.

Remembering that God is always in the room with us can be a challenge at times. When someone is relentlessly tormented by grief and pain or triggered by hauntings of the past there are no words to describe the utter helplessness we feel as we offer prayer as support. But prayer does change things. We see hope glimmer in the eyes of the suffering as they stretch their hands out to receive from God.

Pray for us as we continue to witness the pain inflicted on those in our care and pray that our hearts are not hardened. Pray that we see God’s redeeming light in all of the dark places we visit. Pray that we continue to witness miracles that only God can bring and pray that as we hope for those we love, we have hope for ourselves too.

While this prayer request does show some of the negative aspects of being a Chaplain, we do have the privilege of witnessing some amazing transformations. I am grateful for a young man in my care who previously would refuse to pray out loud and now he confidently speaks to God out loud in a group setting. We have people who would not engage with the Bible, reading passages from the Gospels aloud for all to hear and we have those previously in so much pain with the boldness and confidence to speak freely about the work God is doing in their lives. We thank God for His goodness towards us, every day.